W7 apparently doesn’t understand why the CPU is dynamically lowering the clock speed to prevent total disaster, of course so tasks are building up in the DPC queue and could quite possibly be arguing over the BIOS interest in keeping the CPU from melting down and W7’s interest in efficiently processing threads. Loaded symbol image file: Following frames may be wrong. Use SkyDrive to upload collected files. Several were brought to the attention of Microsoft to no good solution. The DPC subsystem from what I gather is meant to manage low-level tasks e.

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I feel this is a bad choice to ignore the “software network component and simply move on. Windows 7 Networking https: I posted the file here: Well, it’s the driver that Windows 7 went out, found, and nddis, so I presume it is. Fri Mar 26 Not an IT pro? It would be caused by a corrupted driver; to find the root cause, please upload the dump file and post the link here: I have downgraded and upgraded several different driver versions for the network card to no avail.


Friday, March 4, Wednesday, May 5, I submit every error to Microsoft as Windows’ request, but there is always no solution found.

The best fix I’ve seen yet was to disable the network card and buy another one. It will actually drag the computer to the point where a video playing will stutter. Sign in to vote. Office Office Exchange Server. I believe it is related to Windows 7 accessing my Synology Diskstation. I opened the dmp file with Debugging tools for Windows: After my machine started blue screening I installed the latest drivers from Intel for my DM-2 adapter.

Additionally when I try to browse to c: Does anyone have any suggestions here?

I have not hacked or tweaked with the network settings nor do I run any software that tries to optimize or hack network settings. As it turns out through wandering through other threads, the BIOS is giving 8256d6m priority to the CPU and hardware-intensive tasks as a 82566m of My Vista machine can access the Synology with no problem. Tuesday, March 8, 7: By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.



Upon further inspection using Procexp I narrowed down the cpu spike to ndis. If I disable the adapter, the problem goes away.

This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. Thanks for your help.

Downloads for IntelĀ® 82566 Gigabit Ethernet PHY

So the question is, why is the CPU spiking? I’ve even shown hidden devices. Tuesday, May 4, Windows 7 82566md Compatibility. The DPC subsystem from what I gather is meant to manage low-level tasks e.

Tuesday, March 8, 3: