Keir can be found on IMDB and at his website: Reblogged this on Festival Reviews. Was there extensive training involved? We discuss the view from several angles and make a call to British Stunt Coordinator Ray De Haan to get his view on the question. Not all allow you to play the huge variety of casino games Lucky Nugget offers though.

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My mentor was my Step-Father Steve Griffin who is a stunt coordinator and a 2nd unit director. Keir can be found on IMDB and at his website: We sthnt no apologie for the length of this episode, quite frankly, put the kettle on or grab a take out coffee, settle down for a unique insight into the Bickers World.

If you fancy trying out your poker face, there are many gaming websites for you to learn your trade. So easy to syunt shows to follow. I was always very active at school, heaping around trees, so was groomed from an early age I guess!

How much of Adam Kirley’s work have you seen? To be a stuntman for a Bond movie was just beyond my dreams.



By The Stunt Pod. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here What does a Stunt Coordinator do on set?

As you know, we don’t review films. Dickey, originally from Holland, first saw film action in what was to become one of the biggest World War 2 films ever, Kurley Bridge Too Far. TV adaptation in the works. Player FM might just be it. Where do you see the future of green-screen stunt performing in the motion pictures? Have you done a lot of stunt driving?

Miracle Workers new trailer: The job of the stunt coordinator starts well before the shoot day, we have to look at the script, and with the director design the action required. Paul was accepted in after three years of training and we talk to him about his journey krley the reasons why he wanted to become a stunt performer in the UK. The Secret Service stunt coordinator.

Just what you need. I was one of the guys that jump from crane to crane for the opening sequence and I also got to drive the Aston Martin DBS that climaxed with a crash at 85mph that ended up being a world record. Not all allow jirley to play the huge variety of casino games Lucky Nugget offers though. I think its mainly used to reduce costs on set builds and give the director the creative freedom to change things in post Production. Please share, download and subscribe.


Terry Leonard is indeed a Hollywood great. Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want?

Adam Kirley

A Game of Shadows stunt performer. Not what you don’t. We can’t tell you what a honour this was. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina renewed for third and fourth seasons. This episode starts a debate on when does a fight on screen become a stunt and where did all this need for everyone to be a martial artists come from?

From her first foray into action she has always wanted to do the best job she possible can.