Am a little concerned with the longer shaft but anxious to give it a twirl! Posted 19 August – The XTD feels hollow and too light. Posted 25 March – I have read all the posts…I have a sad tale as well. And anybody who can control a 46″ club isn’t going to need the “game improvement” head.

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Whether your looking for the latest and greatest Golf Ball technology or just a great deal, we have what you need! Sometimes you got to be inisght thorn in their side…. Why are there no values shown for this golf club?

They had Titleist, Ping, Cobra, and then this fellow from Adams. We also have a wide variety of Travel Bags. The improvement was immediate.

Did you buy the A3 or admas A3OS? After having the head reattached, it start to come off with a few rounds. My advice to any prospective buyer; if you must have this club, go for the one with the neutral set-up. Looking good on the golf course never hurt anybody’s game either!


Am a little concerned with the longer shaft but anxious to give it a twirl! I doubt the stock heads.

I now have a dozen rounds under my belt with his new driver, and everyone in my regular gang is amazed. Never thought I would do something like this but saw one in the shop and had to try it.

Since it was now fairly warm, I was starting to worry. This innovative design became somewhat of nisight phenomenon in golf and still enjoys tremendous customer loyalty.

Adams had built a career in golf manufacturing as a component supplier and contract manufacturer. I find it interesting that clubs marketed as “game improvement” clubs come stock with 46″ shafts.

Now looking forward to consistently beating alvin and bong. All in the fairway.

There are several there right now in all lofts. I took it to Edwin Watts Golf Shop and they had heard about this problem. Columbia Lake 22 Jacket.

Adams Insight XTD a3OS

But I’m not wrong. If this problem arises with the new club, I think I will have to move on and try something different which I am not too keen on. Once again, not trying diminish your situation, I would be made as hell. Xtf slight offset and square head are a confidence booster. He said I would have to take it back to where it bought it from and they will send it back and that they will check it out. I bought the first Adams a3 9.


Well whatever it was, they seemed to have fixed the issue. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. I took the club back to the dealer I bought it from and had their golfsmith reset the shaft and away we went.

Adams Insight XTD a3OS – Previous Model Year Reviews – GolfWRX

The result was also inconsistent as there were occasionally poor hooks. I am in no way trying to be a moderator here but you do realize that this forum is for the Adams Insight XTD series of drivers?? Ironic, don’t you think?