Santhosh Its beta so its bound to have hiccups, the 21st April version is much more stable. If you decide to go back to the asus helpdesk, you should flash back the official ROM. Anonymous January 16, at 3: Connect your device Asus P to your PC. Sanwal July 5, at 5: The whole phone is running slightly slower as well.

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Firmware version 4.10.0 available for Asus P320

I downloaded “New relase M2D lite version” and installed and also created a new sync relationship. I read some blogs on XDA about android running on P Are you a developer?

Make sure your SD card has about MB of space as well, it should revert.

It would help me translate Windows Mobile 6. Anonymous July 10, at Anonymous January 12, at 1: I have told this is a good update, people have experienced more speed in operation of the phone. If you decide to go ahead suggest you get onto the lastest firmware release by asus 4.


Their support is even worse. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge winows about your device! Take heart, no one I’ve seen so far has managed to brick this device.

Best Asus p Windows mobile ROM

Anonymous September 17, at 3: Now, I have upgraded to WM 6. There are 3 software that you can choose to download. Please suggest what to do. The resume, you can manage all functions and settings on your mobile device. When i press phone option to dial it some times hangs, also the loudspeaker is not working as well as when i disconnect the call the reciever symbol on top portion of the screen remains ‘still’even mibile the call is disconnected.

I run the Autorun. You can download that version and upgrade your Asus P Press and hold Volume Down key on left side, shown mbile and reset on bottom sidethe system will boot up. Thread Deleted Email Thread.

If so contact me on email: Anonymous February 23, at Amey Abhyankar Created on September 23, I am confused on flash using.


Anonymous August 20, at 5: The start menu is completely asuz to the honeycomb structure that can be seen below, much more finger friendly There also now exist a softlock for the screen, might not be as cool as the iphone but is quite function in its purpose incase you don’t want to use the asus hard lock on the side. Somebody please help me and fast. I’ve seen a few tutorials which do wincows like one from lifehacker which shows how to convert a windows mobile phone to look like a iphone.

A newer windoows of Windows Mobile 6. Arvind Manjunath Replied on November 4, I lost my IMEI and don’t have a backup of the gsmparam.

Vikram June 15, at Please click to go: Anish M M August 9, at 8: