Versapak was a great system back in the day, they just overreached with it. This is the only information we have. OH yea and I had to buy 2 chargers as they failed also. Getting prompt and accurate information goes a long way in the DIY community. November 17, at 2:

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Torque measurements on the VPX Drill are up to in-lbs.

Once you get the batteries, the rest of the tools are cheap! The saw i use seldom and if anyone wants it email me. Too many bad complaints on Rigid, DeWalt over priced and under powered, same for most of the other brands as well.

Black & Decker VPX Cordless Drill With 2 Rechargable Batteries Vpx | eBay

Versapak was a great system back in the day, they just overreached with it. October 24, at 3: Tracine Andrus, thanks for the reply.

November 17, at 2: I went back to rrill tools for awhile and then got a Ryobi starter kit after using one of their corded tools. August 21, at This is the only information we have. October 11, at March 28, at 4: Let me say that I have been buying cordless tools for well forever….


Black & Decker’s New VPX Power Tool System

December 16, at After handling a few VPX tools on the first day it was released at my local hardware store, I almost broke out laughing. October 11, at 8: June 17, at 5: The stated torque comparison on our 2VPX drill is to the CDC series drill, as referenced on the marketing materials.

Pity, because for the average DIY, some of these tools and the concept are perfect. March 28, at 3: I did buy the vpx starter kit today and the extra battery…. April 3, at 9: Blacl 20, at November 15, at Any other information would have to come frome the techs at the service center in your area.

Black & Decker’s New VPX Power Tool System | Toolmonger

The product group responsible for this miserable failure was canned and for good reason after this flop. October 12, at 7: Here decket the official word about the cells used in the VPX packs: I am still a bit optimistic about their 7V drivers, but in the end, there are so many better products for just a little extra cost.


December 17, at 3: March 17, at 8: Perhaps the VPX rep can fill us in on the real scoop. February dgill, at The fact that it is only available at Depot is an extra negative.