The example above would change the address to Please note that the only printer status information readily available with these drivers is whether or not the printer is ready to receive data. You cannot print in landscape mode with a Word defined custom page size. Normally, network interfaces supply to the host only:. Item 2 is necessary to print tickets. Sign up using Facebook.

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Try manually setting your switches to Mbps, Full duplex. Installing a packet sniffer program would greatly assist us in diagnosing this problem. Make sure Port Number is set to fgo Though it should never be the case, there was once an instance where two Boca Printers had the same MAC.


However, the HP drivers have slightly different margin definitions and lack many of the features supported in the BOCA drivers – vendor defined page sizes, customer defined page sizes, voca.

You would have to check the documentation for the switch to see if this is possible and, if so, to see how to do this. Below is a list of supported and non-supported features of the printer. While Word allows you to manipulate the page size in both portrait and landscape printet, the data sent to the printer only functions properly in portrait mode. Environment Languages About Us Contact.

The DNS name can be the name specified for the host in the Hosts file. We have found that if a customer is losing a lot of packets more than 10 we may be able to improve this by shortening the internal ribbon cable to the Ethernet card. Please note that none of the upcoming instructions apply to the Generic Text Driver. The printer would always send packets directly to the destination host. If your Boca is connected via a serial port you would have to resort to some underlaying mechanism to communicate to this serial port from a webpage; node-serial or a java applet if you’re into obsolete technologies would be a solution.


Individual tickets are printed in one to two seconds, but I occasionally have delays of up to ten seconds between tickets. While Boca does not support every Ethernet protocol, the printer supports a sufficient number of high level protocols to function effectively as a network printer. The MAC is used by hardware devices on the network to communicate with each other. On a switched network, in order to see all the network traffic, both the Boca and computer should be connected to a non-switched hub.

A sample freeware program called Netcat works with the printer and can be used as is, modified or referred to as a guideline for writing your own program.

Sample Code

The default address is If the registration is successful, you should be able to ping, print or access the Web Menu simply by using the printer name instead of the actual IP address. The example above would change the address to Pritner a problem develops, stop the capture immediately.


The blinking cursor hoca the current IP numeric value selected. The values can range as shown below: Do not connect the printer to your computer until after the driver has been installed. Sign up using Email and Password. Press the TEST button to save the setting entered.

If the interface is not running in promiscuous mode, it won’t see any traffic that isn’t intended to be seen by your machine. Normally, the printer will auto-negotiate its port configuration with the network.

javascript – How to print webpage via FGL printer (Boca System) – Stack Overflow

If the problem is one where the printer stops printing after a large amount of tickets are sent then we recommend you set as large a buffer as possible. Normally, an application will open a connection and close it after the ticket data has been sent and all status has been received.

Unidirectional LPD protocol data to printer port Note that even if your machine is plugged into a hub, the “hub” may be a switched hub, in which case you’re bkca on a switched network.

If not, it is sent to the Gateway Address. Enter the name you wish to call the printer in the Queue Name field. More support may be added in the future as needed.