Monitors at PC rooms are used for PC games, and to PC gamers, dust inside the glass is not a big problem to play computer game. Shipping was amazingly fast. Either buy it now whil stock lasts or risk no getting a unit. It would cost just as much to ship it back to South Korea than it cost me for the thing. Haha you think I was worried? I think I have bugged you and some others enough now. It would cost just as much to ship it back to South Korea than it cost me for the thing So an extended warranty doesn’t cover shipping?

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I can search for the product myself but I just need a version number or name or something.

Guess I’ll have to settle for brain cancer: Even if they are fine out of the box, they may crap out after a while, right? Again, we are sincerely sorry for this inconvenience. Haven’t found a flaw in the display yet. Glad to hear yours turned out well too.

I couldn’t use a wall mount monitlr the current desk I have since it has an overhead shelf where my receiver is.


YAMAKASI Catleap Q270 Multi 27 LED 2560×1440 LG S-ips Panel Built-in 2w

I have terrible eyes anyway so even if theyre were some I would probably never notice: The multi version with HDMI has crazy input lag. Yeah its much better than my 24″ Asus once. I don’t know if he consistently ships the same models but you could always try contacting him for more info.

This all seems rather risky. We’ll wait catldap your reply. Are they really worth it? I have only had it on for about 2 hours but so far I love it. There is no glare at all though. BPoole96 Yeah I understand your views. Which boils it down to two versions, with and without speakers. It would cost just as much to ship it back to South Korea than it cost me for the thing.

Some people have had a couple dead pixels but when there are 3,, its kind of hard to notice 1 or 2 that are dead: And even if I get extended warranty, how will I get the item back to South Korea?

Not the clueless person who didn’t even know that the overclock models required a specific model number. That’s some weakness right there.

I am a total novice when it comes to these things but I see these CatLeap monitors pop up in a lot of threads these days. Taking off the stand completely along with ctleap silver rear panel is a bigger challenge that it first looks. If you have any further question, please feel free to ask.


Review of the Yamakasi Catleap Q monitor |

Elann Follow Forum Posts: That is definitely a consideration once I get a new desk. Going to get one soon Note that I ordered this Sunday night and have already received it, so the shipping was incredibly fast, and free. Again, more teasing and not much doing.

It would really suck for it to break down and be stuck with it. A lot of ppl were reporting dust getting stuck between the glass and the panel itself.

Yamakasi Catleap Q270 SE 27 inch IPS Monitor | Initial Impressions | 56k

Please send a message back to us. ShimmerMan Trolling is a art and you are no artist. The base also rotates a full degrees.