This can be found from the log file of a working single-head installation. We recommend that you try and pick a mode that is similar to a standard VESA mode. You have been warned! Further to this some of the XAA acceleration requires that the display pitch is a multiple of 64 pixels. This is a debugging option and general users have no need of it. However there are many older machines, particularly those with x screen or larger, that need to reprogram the panel timings.

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This sets the physical memory base address of the linear framebuffer.

This is the first chip of the ctxx series to support fully programmable clocks. We also thank the many people on the net who have contributed by reporting bugs and extensively testing this server. Otherwise it has the the same properties as the For other screen drawing related problems, 6550 the ” NoAccel ” or one of the XAA acceleration options discussed above.

The clocks in the x vhips of chips are internally divided by 2 for amd and 3 for 24bpp, allowing one modeline to be used at all depths. However there are many differences at a register level. For other depths this option has no effect. Note that all of the chips except the rev A are 3. In its current form, X can not take advantage of this second display channel. Org releases later than 6.


With the release of XFree86 version 4. You are using a mode that your screen cannot handle.

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The exception is for depths of 1 or 4bpp where linear addressing is turned off by default. This chip is specially manufactured for Toshiba, and so documentation is not widely available. Using this option the mode can be centered in the screen. Which results in the x mode only expanded to x Possibly useful if you wish to use an old workstation monitor. Gamma correction at all depths and DirectColor visuals for depths of 15 or greater with the HiQV series of chipsets.

That is from 0 to for 8bit depth, 0 to 32, for 15bit depth, etc. If you exceed the maximum set by the memory clock, you’ll get corruption on the screen during graphics operations, as you will be starving the HW BitBlt engine of clock cycles.

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Also check the BIOS settings. In this way the expensive operation of reading back to contents of the screen is never performed and the performance is improved. The problem here is that the flat panel needs timings that are related to the panel size, and not the mode size. For this reason the default behaviour of the server is to use the panel timings already installed in the chip.

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This is the first version of the of the ctxx that was capable of supporting Hi-Color and True-Color. The four options are for 8bpp or less, 16, 24 or 32bpp LCD panel clocks, where the options above set the clocks to 65MHz.


In addition the device, screen and 6550 sections of the ” xorg. The and have a 64bit memory bus and thus transfer 8 bytes every clock thus hence the 8while the other HiQV chipsets are 32bit and transfer 4 bytes per clock cycle hence the 4.

If you are driving the video memory too fast too high a MemClk you’ll get pixel corruption as the data actually written to the video memory is corrupted by driving the memory too cnips. In this case enough memory needs to be left for the largest unscaled video window that will be displayed.

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When the size of the mode used is less than the panel size, the default behaviour of the server is to stretch the mode in an attempt to fill the screen. I found a cgips for WFWG3. This option forces the LCD panel size to be overridden by the modeline display sizes.

This option forces the two display channels to be used, giving independent refresh rates.