That Clie in your hand must just fall dead the minute a newer model comes out! But by that time, the Vx had paid for itself over and over again. Here’s how to get the most out of your AirPods, and a few things you may not know. Show More Show Less. The PDA’s body is made of aluminum with a shaggy surface, that is why it won’t slide in your hands or on a sloping surface, but it makes the device noticeably heavier g together with the battery and stylus.

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Moreover, Sony’s cards are heavier and a user has to carry weightier devices than he could. But by that time, the Vx had paid for itself over and over ag.

By the time we, or atleast I, buy a decent PDA, something new comes out. Nevertheless, most users would go with the newer shell. What the iPad Pro needs next It’s only a few key steps away from being Apple’s killer computer.

Sony CLIÉ PEG-NX60 Overview – CNET

With an lightly used memory stick, I had the option to record almost an hour of footage with sound. If it were not the marking, I would hardly guess xn60 the rec button is placed. The Clie does come with a little travel adapter which will let you travel on the go without the large cradle. These accessories haven’t changed since Clie N PalmInfocenter is not responsible for them in any way. Based on them, my answer would be that Sony is indeed doing nicely in that area.


Thank you for choosing to use Sony cliee.

It’s not necessary to press and hold the button like in PocketPCs – here you just press it once. That is unless you have the WiFi card in place, which blocks the camera from looking out the back, or straight ahead, depending on orientation.

The NX camera has been upgraded essentially three times over the NR. Now Palms look like cheap organizers rather than pocket-size desktop PCs. However, their intentions are quite obvious given the memory configuration of the Clie. The NX version sportspixels, which in comparison to digital camera is weak. My previous post was to AmrMan, this is to peitron: The stylus is made of aluminum and it is detachable.

If more pictures than 9, exist, additional pictures will clke be displayed.

Sony Clie PEG-NX60

Anyway, you can disable it anytime by selecting Go To Standard View in the Launcher settings; once you do it you xlie see a good old desktop with pictograms of all programs installed in the PDA. I was in needed of an organizer and I try cie this palm and now I love it, it help me to be on time on all of my apointments, I can even listen music all the timehave fun with some games, what i already instaled, and my files are up-to-date.


If a movie is larger than MB, it will be divided into multiple files. You will have to unscrew it every time you need to reboot the computer. In my opinion the problem is the Memory Stick’s size, it’s too big in comparison to SD, vlie the price is really expensive, mainly MSPro. Sony moved away from the silky smooth case of the NR series for some reason. Tablets by David Carnoy 7 days ago.

The bottom of the device has the adaptor that slides into the cradle for syncing and into peripherals for expansion. Please enable N60 to view the comments powered by Disqus. Some Sony’s pocket-size computers had MP3 players and high-rez screens, even they couldn’t stand against WindowsCE devices.

Sony Clie NX60 Discontinued, NX70V Lowered

Power Run Time Up To. UZI, you miss the point.

The maximum number of movies supported is Winter releases are more sporadic, but it seems a safe bet to count on them to release a hx60 model at around this time yearly. I’m not putting down PDA technology