Although we feel that including a modem with the card does add value, we also felt that, as this was not the focus of this review, any testing of the modem would not be as in-depth as we would like. The C ran well in the tests, and we couldn’t find a thing to complain about with this the card. Razer’s Sila gaming router packs all the perks in its trademark black box. Xircom took the development of the Type III card to the extreme next level with the introduction of the RealPort 2 – and the design team at Xircom has to be commended for such an outstanding innovative design! Several companies that we contacted either did not respond or did not have products ready for review at this time.

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Another possible problem is that the user may re-insert the card incorrectly into the slot, which can cause the system to need servicing, or, worse yet, the user may insert the card into the wrong slot, causing potential configuration issues.

D-Link DMF 560TX Plug-in module Network / modem combo

In my opinion, this configuration has both positive and negitive issues. Life in the slow lane: The recently announced CardBay and Miniature Card formats have not yet made their way into the notebook market. You also will lose the use of one slot with the RealPort and 3Com 3C3 products. We didn’t look at any CardBay or Miniature Card format products in this review. The NNUR takes into consideration the following: Many netwrok/modem don’t realize that NICs for notebooks and laptops are available in several different formats.

the Drivers Database – Free Drivers and Support

Again, as we stated above and as you will hear us say again and again Networking by Shara Tibken Oct 22, The Mini-PCI format comes in several different form factors: At least it’s a little more difficult to lose the whole card than it is to just network/modwm the dongle. I have been on the user side and the IT side of the lost dongle nightmare, and, either way, the view is pretty ugly!


CardBus achieves this by adapting the synchronous burst-transfer orientation of PCI, as well as the bus protocol, which is very similar to PCI. The dongle, in most cases, connects to the card using two clips on either side of the dongle.

Although there were some minor problems with the early Type III designs, these have all disappeared with the revisions of the RealPort series. Mini-PCI network/moddm starting to show up in many new notebooks as vendors look for ways to provide more connectivity solutions at a lower cost.

D-Link DMFTXD DirectPort PC Card (Modem)() Free Driver Download for Windows

In xard cases, the card must be removed before the laptop can be placed into the case. Take the time to talk to your vendor about the possible options – it might result in some time and cost savings. Here is a look at the cards with the dongles attached to them. Overall, we found the F5D from Belkin to be a good first effort. As with all 3Com notebook cards, you can purchase the card in a variety of connector options, fmf-560txd can provide additional configuration flexibility, depending on the user or notebook.

We explained to each netwoek/modem that only the two cards that we specified would be assured a testing spot in this review. With this “day in the life” approach, I was better able to experience both the positives and negatives of each card, carf well as to view the “typical,” daily performance of each card. The modem itself has some unique features, like the 3Com Exclusive Line Probing technology, a feature that no other card has.


Many people have said that they are forced to stock extra dongles, just in case one is lost. One of the complaints that we regularly hear about the X-Jack is that the construction of it is just too flimsy. Video Games by Lori Grunin 10 days ago.

The X-Jack is constructed in such a way that the card can support a considerable amount of weight d-lnk from it. Type I cards are 3.

I recommend that IT shops do limited field trials with their entire test configuration and get feedback from the users to help uncover some of these often overlooked or hidden, but nonetheless significantly annoying, problems. In most cases, newer laptops do support both the PC-Card and CardBus technologies, but most systems that were released prior to support only the PC-Card technology.

When looking at the connector possibilities as we did above, they can be broken down into four different types vard simplification. Every few years, a new version of a product comes along that is very different from all of the previous versions.

Windows NT Server Netwogk/modem 4. In reviews where we tested a “product family,” they are indicated as such.

Depending on the notebook brand and configuration, your options for network interface cards may be limited.