Perhaps this should not be a surprise, as the cymbals with more high-frequency content seem a bit better at cutting through the dense electronic thicket of many rock recordings. Chord Qutest DAC preview. I listened to the DAC2X for a period of over 2 months and enjoyed every minute. Main Power connector 3. You’ll be prompted for a password when trying to unzip the zip file. The DAC2X uses some carefully selected and hand matched high cost parts where the Meitner unit may use less expensive parts. Alternatively, the DAC2X locked onto the incoming USB data stream with absolutely no problem and playing various bit rates had no ill-effects on computer audio playback via straight USB.

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This is not to say that it will be ajdio things to all people. Power from the wall is first converted to high voltage DC in a PFC Power Factor Correction circuit, then the switcher produces multiple low voltage supply rails for the various analog and digital circuits.

The available DSD titles are few and far between right now.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

When lit all outputs are muted. Details Created on Thursday, 21 February My point is we have a lot of experience with both of these companies outstanding products. It appears to me that it is aydio exciting time in the market with MQA, Roon, Tidal streaming, and the evolution of better and better dacs and servers, digital is becoming more and more pleasurable a listening experience.


The DAC modules and clock are protected by grounded metal covers that isolate these critical parts from the rest of the circuitry. A comparison review of two DACs. I’m wondering what zudio you tested the DAC2x with. Favorite Music Lists of You may wish to see my review of the XDS1 before reading the rest of this one. This circuit produces less than 1 picosecond of jitter.

On the rear panel are a main power switch, a female IEC power connector, input connectors for adio digital inputs, and stereo analog line output connectors fully differential balanced XLR and single-ended RCA.

Ultra is part of.

We decided to contact Ed and see what his latest DAC was all about in hopes he would be able to loan us a unit for review.

The native sample rate of a DSD file is 2. To contact us, please e-mail info soundstagenetwork. It also offered a more fully developed midrange. SACD or Redbook audio has base samplerate of According to EMM, it provides an environment not unlike that found inside vacuum tubes, which have extremely stable electrical field gradients due to their high supply voltages. In fact, on a number of occasions, its creators, Sony and Philips Electronics, appeared to be on the verge of pulling the plug on it.

I have this enormous passion for great music which I hope I can use successfully to discern the best equipment. With the DAC2X, the difference in timbre between the lines was striking. Pushing the button again unmutes the outputs. Never before had a component so poignantly driven home the point that timbre is not composed of a single audoo, but numerous frequencies that combine to produce a sound.



Voltages are locally filtered regulated on each circuit fed by the switcher, and it is these low voltage rail filters that were changed. Just a ussb up If you are in the NYC area I would invite you over to hear our reference setup for yourself, and to corroborate my findings.

We feel this statement is right on. I therefore could not obtain resolution aucio than 96kHz from the K, although I regularly do from my MacBook.

EMM Labs DAC2X Stereo D/A Converter Pulling out all the stops. Review By Phil Gold

Play a superb recording like the Naxos CD of Shostakovich’s 10 th symphony and it’s gob-smackingly good. Main Power Switch 2. You don’t need precise measurements or a lot of words to do so. Howard Kneller howardk soundstagenetwork.