These URLs assume that is the web server port. The “eye” symbol displayed against the HTTPAdmin parameter is used to denote that the value of the field is hidden from the user unless they gain access to the corresponding screen by clicking Change and entering user name and password details. Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft. Our long term collaboration with Easysoft can be characterized by the excellence of their services, speed of communication and responsiveness to their clients. In Logon User and Logon PWD , enter a valid user name and password for the server machine these may be for either the server machine itself or for a domain, if the server is on a network:.

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The JOB Driver uses the easysoft subprotocol. As Java is a multi-threaded environment, there is no need to provide support for asynchronous statement execution.

Please note that we offer a similar solution: If the serverhost is your local machine, you can type:. Direct editing is not supported by Easysoft and will not allow access to changed values until the server has been rebooted. If it is supplied with the necessary information, the JOB Server can connect to any system data source configured on a Unix machine.

Applets require Netscape Navigator 5. Sasysoft will include connections dropped due to no license or insufficient license slots, port scanners or anyone using telnet to access the JOB Server port. Easysoft provided excellent support and advice on the launch of our new data infrastructure. Each section of the odbc.


If you are using the unixODBC driver manager then tracing is enabled in the odbcinst. This setting must be specified in cases where back-end data sources support Unicode, but do not report that data conforms to the Unicode standard.

Note that Unicode data can also be be read by using one of the two getUnicodeStream methods in the ResultSet class and written by using the setUnicodeStream method in the PreparedStatement class in addition to the getstring oodbc setstring methods.

Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge Programming Guide

General – Licensing What happens to my licenses when I uninstall the product? Thank eaasysoft so much for your continuous support. If the serverhost is your ofbc machine, you can type: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

In Unix they are held in the esjobserver. Entries which consist of fewer than four fields represent all the addresses that match the fields which are defined. You should consider putting these scripts into your system’s startup and shutdown scripts or into your path.

Disable the default encrypted transmission of connection information connection string, user names and passwords over the network useful for debugging purposes. Can the Easysoft JOB handle multiple concurrent connections?


Ensure the file ez. The text that is entered into the Description field may be displayed to a user if they choose to connect interactively. To execute a query on the database, either type a query into aesysoft SQL box and then kdbc Submit.


Note that setting the trace attribute slows down performance considerably. Some sensitive settings may not be displayed. Can I have the licenses file on an NFS share referenced by multiple machines? I need to set some ODBC statement attributes but my application does not let me do this.

Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge User Guide – Technical Reference

The driver class is easysoft. In other words, a statement execution in one thread should not block an execution in another thread. Is there a way to restrict the DSNs that users can see? The oebc of different client machines which have connected to the JOB Server where a client machine is identified by its IP address.

Ensure that you download EJOB. Eashsoft time in days, hours, minutes and seconds since the JOB Server was started.

Select the System DSN tab.