He was wearing it the night of his seizure. Restrictions and tests for seniors to maintain their FL drivers license and stay safe on the road. You may in certain situations be asked to take a written knowledge test as well. You can also have your medical doctor, osteopathic physician, or optometrist conduct the vision exam, as long as they are licensed in the state of Florida. If you know or see a driver that should not be driving for their safety or the safety of others, please contact law enforcement. But our team couldn’t determine how often the state has failed to follow up on any of these cases. In addition, drivers may be required to undergo written or road retests, as well as medical tests.

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Hayden tells us she knew of two prior seizures David had. Florida’s Medical Review Program was established to evaluate a driver’s mental and physical ability to operate a vehicle safely. Any information provided to the DHSMV is confidential, and no legal action can dm taken against the person submitting the report.

Florida Driving Laws for Seniors and Older Drivers

The Elder Affairs Guide helps seniors and their families with resources on topics such as caregiver support, transportation, housing and property rights, health insurance programs, medical care and how to report elder abuse and fraud. The report should be made in writing, giving the full name, date of birth, address reprot a description of the alleged physical or mental disability that could affect the driving ability of any person over 15 years of age.


The vision test can also be completed by a Florida-licensed medical doctor such as an osteopathic physician or optometrist. If you know or see a driver that should not be driving for their safety or the safety of others, please contact law enforcement.

Just because someone files a report does not mean your license will be taken away for sure.

Official Website Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

As we age, there are a numerous factors that can affect our driving skills, and hinder our ability to safely operate a floida vehicle.

Florida drivers of age 79 or above who renew their license will be asked to undergo a basic vision test to ensure they are able to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Is Florida keeping medically unfit drivers off the road? Other times, information in your license renewal application or on your driving record may prompt a reexamination. Hayden never thought she was going to see his bracelet again.

If worse in one or either eye, you will be referred to a licensed vision specialist to see if it can be improved. Who can report medically risky drivers? Florida is a self-reporting state, which means drivers who suffer from a medical condition that may impact their ability to drive, report themselves.

Senior Driver Safety

Report a medically unsafe driver for medical review in Florida The public is encouraged floriea report if they believe a licensed Florida driver may not be medically fit to keep driving. This information is kept confidential and no legal action can be taken against the person submitting the report. Get Quick Online Answers! Medical-related crashes, he says, are hardly unusual in Florida. News Local News Investigations.


Scope of flaws remain unknown The state currently has nearly 75, open and active medical review cases, according to a spokesperson with the FLHSMV. It was a series of system feport the state, at rsport time, blamed on human error and vowed to fix with automated systems.

Your doctor will need to fill out a Mature Driver Vision Test. Auditors flagged the program for failing to timely revoke licenses from medically-risky drivers who failed to prove they were safe behind the wheel. This program allows law enforcement to access in case of emergencies.

Senior Drivers | Safety and Alternatives

Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. Please note the following if you are referred to a vision specialist:. Some of the most common license restrictions are those that:. What is a medical review?

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Any physician, person or agency can report a driver who may be unsafe to operate a motor vehicle as a result of a medical condition. In some cases, your license is not revoked, but instead certain restrictions are put into place, such as not driving at night.

In both cases, David was not driving at the time and Hayden says, she was not aware if he was restricted from driving. Drivers 80 and older must renew their license once every six years.