Yamada-san stood up and gave a 45 minute talk about one cell on the learning curve matrix, the only one that showed the pointing stick being worse than a trackpad or trackball,for the first 15 selections. We made a science experimental test bed to teach physics that never shipped; we made many versions of multi-Trackpoint keyboards that never shipped. Before we get too worked up on this topic, I suspect the most common pointing device for most laptop users is an external USB mouse. For the teaching and presentation aid, see Pointer rod. At first I thought that this magnificent improvement in selection speed was due to the increased dynamic range of muscles for force control. Sadly, the pointing device was not packaged to send to the hospital and work on someone’s computer yet. Pointing sticks were the dominant pointing device for laptops before the advent of the touchpad.

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The Trackpoint is a little device with a big story.

Why the ThinkPad TrackPoint is still a thing, according to Lenovo’s chief designer | TechRadar

The distinguishing feature, however was the team approach to decisions and execution throughout the IBM Japan culture, a direct contrast to the processes we had encountered in the US IBM PC groups in the early s. No one cared that they were expens ive. I would have loved the product to change cursor movement approach for form filling, text editing and graphical applications; again that could probably double performance.

We made devices that used one set of sensors to run two input devices.

The fourth level manager Kasuaga-san stared me in the eye after we met with Mito the general manager of IBM Asia Pacific and got the go-ahead… he said now we put it in the trackpolnt you must make it work. It seems some people used tendon flex to improve pointing- we found this looked like overshoot and we had trouble making the adaptive algorithms stable in the time box we tyinkpad it. Next we tried making a cute cantilevered under-the-key system for making a 4-piezoelectric sensor.


The joystick for this had no deadband, it had an exquisite sensitivity and control … we never made an inkeyboard device that shipped with this alternative set of algorithms and scenario.

At first my idea was to use conductive foam beneath a key as the joystick. We had to replace thinkpd large Measurement System’s joystick package. I challenged myself to cost reduce the device by one third each year and improve the product. Additionally, if “press-to-select” is enabled, the software may inm unexpected click events by touching the pointing stick during typing.

At this time, IBM made me abandon my patent as terms of continued work on my device and on my research and thesis about adaptive help… it was a difficult moment and an exciting one. The pointing stick is positioned such that the hands do not need to be removed from the home row to manipulate thiinkpad mouse pointer. They improved novice performance and were loved by the special needs community.

ThinkPad TrackPoint: Computers/Tablets & Networking | eBay

User specific requirements for input devices and software design” PDF. Bill – let me tell you a little story about Trackpoint! All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from January Yamada had been working with Alps on a trackball that he was fond of.

I was vocal and in the end I may have jbm the reason that the people causing friction for new technology in EST were disbanded the following year.


Still, Yamada agreed with trackpojnt to everyone’s am azement. We didn’t know why. I got up and pointed out to everyone’s amazement that while the Japanese’s data was the most carefully taken and cleanest ever produced, it all represented a user’s first experience only: Many months later, when we were using it in Window applications on my lovely Lisp machine I finally realized that the “turbo charge” part allowed me to toss the cursor across the screen …to change window context.

Pointing stick

It was also incredibly efficient, as everything that goes into a laptop is generally square. A number of ergonomic studies to compare thinlpad and touchpad performance have been performed.

Views Read Edit View history. The pointing stick senses applied force by using two pairs of resistive strain travkpoint. We made many other things too- a versatile pointing device for the table called Russian tea mouse allowed for full hand, thumb, finger, or in-the-palm use. Best and Worst Notebook Pointing Sticks”.

But scrolling is out of the question, of course. It would overshoot and you had to move it slowly back to where you meant to stop.

Oddly enough, with the borders on screens getting smaller and smaller, it gets more and more useful to us. The keyboard, if you recall, lifted up [to reveal] all teackpoint the components inside — like a bento box.