Why am I unable to load the Flex extension against a Flex application hosted on a web server, on Windows Vista? Replay error occurs when executing an SAP script in fast mode. DataDriven testplan compile error “Incorrect number of arguments to function”. Does SilkTest support Oracle Forms? Is it possible to set the extensions from the command line launcher? How can SilkTest simulate the Microsoft Windows start flag key on the keyboard? Using an Excel file of ActiveData within Workbench on two separate machines.

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Does Nmae have a “whenever” Statement or a feature that would perform actions similar to it? Can I call a BaseState within a main function that contains code but does not call an external testcase? How do I define a common winclass, for those windows which have the same child controls but a parent control which varies?

When dividing 1 by 2, SilkTest returns 0 instead of 0.

detault How can I use SilkTest to return the tooltip text of icons in the system tray? How can shared DLL”s be deleted if the uninstall program does not remove them?


I am running tests on multiple machines, is it possible for SilkTest to Save the results for all tests on one machine? Replay Nqme differences when testing Mobile Apps.

Retrieving the bundleID of installed applications on your iOS device. How can I Fuzzy Verify my Textfield?

Saturday, May 7, 2: Running a Silk Test Workbench test from the command line. I have a oracle 8i clent installed. Message 6 of 13 59, Views. Testing custom controls with Silk Test.

Retrieving the location of a TrueLog file.

How can SilkTest get better recognition for a Java applet, which is not part of the browser but is in a window of its own? How can I run SilkTest from the command line without having to specify the full path to partner.

It seems like that functionality is disabled. How do I make ScriptEnter only execute when it enters a script when using a Testplan? How to read a variable which is set within an executed batch file so I can verify it? Retrieving an open Browser using a URL pattern. Window”[1]”was not found” when enabling extensions for testing Internet Explorer with Silk Test? Recording additional steps into an existing Visual Test.


ODBC Error: Data source name not found and no default driver specified

Why Do I receive the error ‘Error connecting to database’ when connecting to Workbench? This group requires membership for participation – click to join. Function not found in. How to quickly create a new oracle database for SilkTest Workbench.

Can you tell me how I can find Errors in TrueLog? Comparing two files in Silk4Net or Workbench.

Solved: ODBC Error: Data source name not found and no defa – Microsoft Power BI Community

Does SilkTest support Data Warehousing testing? I am using windows 8, and mysql. Exists always returns true.

IsEnabled does not exist for Silk4J objects. DataDriven testplan compile error “Incorrect number of arguments to function”. Why are column numbers and window ID in reverse for a htmltable?