A-2 Consumable Life Expectancy Chart Status, Error And Service Messages, Status Messages Status, error and service messages Various status, error and service messages appear in the touch panel of the control panel. Applies only if [ADF 2-sided ] is selected. Page Press the [Start] key. Item Description [Single Page] Select this setting to save the data divided into individual pages. Touching anything other than the indicated levers may result in burns. Load the media face up in Tray 2.

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With account track Specify an account and password for [Account] and [Password]. Printing can continue even after this message appears; however, since the print quality is reduced, the transfer roller should be replaced immediately. Push down the guides. Enter text from picture: Page 46 Icon Description Appears when using a G3 fax connection.

Depending on the version of the operating system, [Apply] may not appear.

Press in on the waste toner bot- tle until it ineeo into place. A document is printed Print the overlay file using a suitable with an overlay file printer driver. Original Media Specifications Documents that can be placed on the original glass The following types of documents can be placed on the original glass.

Slide the media guides against the edges of the paper.


To specify multiple destinations for a broad- cast transmission, specify all destinations where the data is to be sent.

Don’t show me this message again. A vivid output is produced. Clearing Media Misfeeds To avoid damage, always remove misfed 355p gently, without tearing it. Remove the protective cover from the imaging unit.

Develop Ineo +35 Toner and more –

inoe The amount of toner used is reduced when printing. Do not load above the mark. Basic copy operation The general procedure for making copies is described below.

The loaded document Load the document so that it does not exceeds the maxi Item Description [Text] Select this setting when copying documents con- taining only text.

Develop ineo+ 35P

Media Rollers The accumulation of paper dust and other debris on the media rollers can cause media-feeding problems. Print a frame around watermarks Print transparent shaded watermarks Print the watermark on only the first page Print the watermark repeatedly throughout the all pages The [Copy Protect] function prevents unauthorized copying.

Note Paper edges are sharp and may cause injuries. Page of Go.

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Do not cover the machine immediately after using it. Document Align the document with the arrow on the left side toward the rear of the machine.

The card can only be placed on the original glass. Layered Adhesive Folded, creased, curled, embossed, warped, or wrinkled Perforated, three-hole punched, or torn Too slick, too coarse, or too textured Different in texture roughness on the front and back Too thin or too thick Stuck together with static electricity Composed of foil or gilt; Basic Scanning Operation Documents can be scanned from a computer connected to this machine via a network.


The percentages remaining for the consumables may be different from the actual amounts and ineeo be used only as reference.

Overwritten with 1-byte random num- bers Overwritten with 1-byte random num Type in the current administrator password, and then press [OK]. Additional Kneo Operations 8Additional copy operations Move the levers away from you until it snaps into place.

Do not load so much paper that the top of the stack is higher than the maximum limit guide. If problems occur, stop the continuous printing and print one sheet at a time. Hold the imaging unit inso both hands, and then shake it twice as shown in the illustration.