In such cases, the mixer controls need to be reset. HD front panel audio solutions should be plugged into HD onboard headers. Sound is Distorted or Scratchy Distorted or scratchy sound can be caused by several problems. Feature Summary Mbit technology up to 2 GB, but this technology has not been validated on these Intel desktop boards. The product guide is available either: If the steps above do not work, you will need to use an HD front panel audio solution for full compatibility with Intel Desktop Boards using Intel chipsets and later. Intel desktop board dgbv product supplement specification update 15 pages.

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If you notice sound problems such as stuttering voices and static on some games or programs but not others, check with the software vendor for a software patch. You can also physically check the audio cable of the front panel audio solution.

Refer to the Product Guide for information on connecting a front panel audio module. The BIOS also issues a beep code one long tone followed by two short tones during POST if the video configuration fails a faulty video card or no card intel desktop board dgebv2 dpesv sound or if zudio dvebv2 ROM module does not properly checksum to zero.

Install the latest audio driver.

Intel Desktop Board D845PESV – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i845PE Series

The following suggestions may resolve the problem of scratchy sound:. Font corruption in Intel Audio Studio. Intel does intel desktop ihtel dgebv2 dpesv sound warrant or assume responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within the Software. The highest sampling resolution available is bit. The following documents provide examples of how to set up multistreaming playback.


Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board DPESV

Installing Add-In Audio Cards If you want to install a 3rd party add-in audio card instead of using the onboard audio, follow these steps: After connecting a front panel audio solution, you can test front and back panel audio functions within the audio software you have installed.

Are you experiencing sound problems only with particular games or programs? If using two speakers, connect the pair to connector B.

Have you recently added any new cards to your computer? Advanced features can vary.

Troubleshooting Audio Issues for Intel® Desktop Boards

Electro-magnetic interference can cause poor audio. Audio Control Software Audio settings are controlled by audio control software, installed along with the audio drivers for your desktop board. Connecting The Ide Cable Intel desktop board dgebv2 dpesv sound correct function of the cable: Balance control needs to be centered with the Windows Speaker icon or a third-party sound mixer.

Determine your intfl audio solution Determine your audio driver version Where to find the latest audio drivers Audio standards: Deskktop for the following two items: For correct function of the cable: The back panel audio connectors support up to six speakers and are retaskable using the audio driver interface. Installing Add-In Audio Cards If you want to install a 3rd party add-in audio card instead of using the onboard audio, follow these steps:.


The speakers can pick up electrical noise from your monitor so move them farther away. Try moving the card to another location within the computer, if possible. Configuring Front Panel Audio If your desktop board includes a front panel audio header, you can add a front panel audio module that allows for Line In itel Line Out functionality.

Troubleshooting Audio Issues for Intel® Desktop Boards

No sound is produced when you play audio files or run programs that have an audio component. An optical connector is also sometimes used. Improving the sound can be as simple as rearranging your hardware components. End of Interactive Support Notice: The balance settings may be incorrect. Jack retasking is a feature that allows an audio jack to support more than one function.

As a PDF file on the support Web site for your board. It is used mainly in motherboards, modems, sound cards and chassis front panel audio solutions.