Windows users have only one choice: If you spend bucks on a slim eSATA card, you get a cheap and efficient interface expansion for your Vaio. Will figure that out. I found some other interesting slim cards: With this investment, dramatically increased speeds compared to USB 2. Hotplugging definitely isn’t working, even after updates to the latest drivers from jMicron. Manufacturer not providing drivers for Windows, Windows users shall download drivers through automatic Windows driver installation wizard.

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I may get in touch with some faster HDD’s like the velociraptors in weeks – I will test if the cards will bottleneck then. Will figure that out. Log in or Sign up. What Notebook Should I Buy?

Sonnet – Tempo SATA ExpressCard/ 2-Port Serial ATA Host Controller

This solved the problem. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Mac users must decide to take a gamble on SI or stick with the JMicron option. Ultra Male Oct 16, The choice is less than clear: You can download them from the Delock website or directly from Silicon Image.

Seata you can add your experience with your card and what card you are using, too. Both cards work quite nicely on my Z. If you spend bucks on a slim eSATA card, you get a cheap and efficient interface expansion for your Vaio.


GrandesBollas Aug 29, The expressfard came with an 8cm CD with totally outdated drivers. Most of those slide-in-cards do stick around 2cm out of the computer, plus additional 3cm of the eSATA cable jack. A great improvement – The Pro Card must be even better but this one has worked great for us to use an external drive as a Photoshop scratch disc and to work directly from the external on large projects. BongripperAug 27,in forum: Buyer complaints suggest it is not well-supported by Windows 7 or Vista.

I was getting many freezes in FCP when drives were daisy-chained. But honestly, none of these devices seems all that stable and reliable.

The SiliconImage chipset used in many is full-featured, but the drivers and hardware implementations are buggy, while the older JMicron controller is cheap and simple but lacks many desirable features. When upgrading to OS X Here is an Amazon link to the adapter: I’ll report back if I get it working with an attached drive like whether you can boot from that drive. Both devices feel and look solid and well-built. Altogether, I recommend the Delock card, since its overall performance is better and it is working great out-of-the box.


ExpressCard SATA Adapters: The Lesser of Two Evils

It turned out that I had to flatten the sheeted metal enclosure of the card a bit in order to make it slide in. Recommend an all-round dang good and games-capable laptop!

Known issues are kernel panics occurring when the drive is expressccard, or the drive not being recognized by the operating system.

But OEM drivers are required and stability is a real question.

2 port SATA II ExpressCard RAID Host Card – JMicron JMB | SATA2-EC

These compatible drives include, but are not limited to: The smaller companies often mention which controller they use, while the name brands usually skip it, re-branding everything for themselves. These are rare, however, and it is unclear how good the drivers are. If you think the same way about lightweight driver packages, forget about the included Delock driver CD it installs some kind of useless RAID tool which shows an ugly splash on system bootup.