Conclusion In use, I found the 49 key version of this super inexpensive model as easy to operate as its smaller 25 note sibling. He did this by shorting out different pads while the keyboard was hooked up to the computer. In this case, the team used an ESi Keycontrol This product has been added to your basket Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook.

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Holes were drilled in one piece to mount edi laser diodes. Items received with a post date 30 days after your requested return will NOT be eligible for refund. He comments about the ESI gear he is using: September 11, 0.

Returns Policy We ask that you follow these guidelines to help us process your return as quickly and efficiently as possible: The plan was to recycle an older keyboard rather than have to purchase something new. About Paul Dakeyne Paul Dakeyne has written post in this blog. In use, I found the 49 key version of this super inexpensive model as easy to operate as its smaller 25 note sibling.

The musical keys on the ESI also have a dual role operation. Please keep your order reference to hand. The lightweight keyboard can send all important MIDI messages via a simple user interface. We always refund the payment according to how the original purchase was made and aim to do so within 72hrs of the return being received by us.


The 4 endless encoders, the pitch bend wheel and the modulation fader allow you to control your software synthesizers directly from the keyboard. Items that develop a fault within 30 days of delivery are eligible for a replacement or a refund.

He also co-wrote and produced the music for BBC’s Watchdog and Crimewatch when they were both revamped in and ’06 respectively. Check the full review in Chinese language here. No programming or microcontrollers required.

KeyControl 49

Digital Downloads buying software All software marked as “serial download” or “digital download” will be delivered via email within normal office hours. Elaborating on the aforementioned capability and essentially the same as the 25 XT version — such functions are: Login Register My Wishlist. Returned items must be mailed within 10 days of when the RMA Number has been issued.

This makes KeyControl 49 XT a perfect addition for every home studio and many other setups. Simple photo resistors were mounted here.

About Us How to order Education. The lasers were then aimed at another piece of wood. Please contact our Customer Services Team on if you believe your item has developed a fault.


ESI KeyControl 49 XT Review | DV Magazine

If he hit the correct pads, a note would play. The only other components needed for each laser sensor were a resistor and a transistor. Delivery costs are also reimbursed for faulty items. Popular Chinese website Midifan had a detailed view on our KeyControl 49 XT – among commenting on positive features such as the function without drivers and power adapter, the conclusion is “Best price” sei “Best quality”.

If you are looking for a smaller mobile version, our KeyControl 25 XT is also available. It is your responsibility to request a return. In this case, the team used an ESi Keycontrol Profile cancel Sign in with Krycontrol Sign in with Facebook.

No extra power supply and no special drivers are needed when connected to your PC or Macintosh.