If any setting change is required before proofcopying, touch EXIT to return to the Basic Screen, then change settings, as required. Page 86 Output Mode for Machine with Finisher continued When selecting Staple mode, select the staple position as follows. Touch Only first page to print the selected watermark on the first page only. Follow the procedure below to remove mishandled paper. Select additional Applications, as desired. Clearing Mishandled Paper Clearing Mishandled Paper When a paper misfeed occurs, the copier stops making copies and mishandled paper codes display on the screen to indicate misfeed area s. Fully withdraw the toner bottle straight toward the front to remove the bottle.

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Your service representative can set the Job No. Maintenance, Repairs, Supplies Enter the telephone number for ordering supplies in the space provided below. For details on positioning originals, see p. Text Mode Use the Text mode when copying a text original. The main power switch does not have to be turned off. The quantity displayed on the touch panel will return to 1. Specify the numbering type, printing position, and pages to print on.

Konica Minolta Printer User Guide |

Page [4] E. Arrange originals in order.


Enter the telephone number for ordering supplies in the space provided below. Select the desired cover mode. Paper Information This machine is equipped with the following trays for loading copy paper. Use the same number toner bottle as described on the label on the upper left side of the toner bottle cover. Panel Contrast [7] Panel Contrast Use this feature to adjust the level of brightness of the touch screen portion of the control panel, and also the volume of the touch key.

The Booklet Mode Selection Screen pdinter be displayed.

Each exit tray provides output modes as described below. Four levels are provided: Check to be sure main power switch is ON. Copying operation konlca be continued until all the misfeed locations are cleared.

To set this function, follow the procedure below.

Optional expanded memory, large capacity drawer bases, document feeder, print controller and fax kit allow for easy customization to meet current and future needs.

Follow the procedure below to turn the machine power off then on.

‘ + lbl_show_all_supplies + ‘:

You cannot enter any other quantity. The control panel contrast feature can be adjusted from the Help Screen provided that the feature setting is activated by service.

When removing mishandled paper, be sure to leave no torn paper inside the machine. Page 86 Output Mode for Machine ptinter Finisher continued When selecting Staple mode, select the staple position as follows.


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primter The incompatible function keys will be dimmed to show inactivity. Don’t have an account? Be sure to read and observe them. The Inner Tray IT is equipped with two exit trays. How to Access the Key Operator Mode The Key Operator is trained to handle all special Key Operator functions that are not accessible to the general printre, such as monitoring overall copier activity, machine performance, and service information, modifying machine settings, and controlling user activity, for billing purposes.

Mode continued Touch OK.

The Koonica time will gain an hour. Page 56 When repeating the original placement, press the release lever under the document feeder. The lighter level sample sheet will be output. The Check Screen will be displayed. You may also clean with a soft cloth dampened slightly with water, if it is difficult to clean.