Yeah, I almost got the to save some dough, but decided a GF3 Ti and a D would be worth the extra dough. One with the highest resolution it can have. Sure the nForce is all fancy and nancy like, and their logo is pretty cool, but remember when I said put your money on a pretty case, nah, invest it in a GREAT monitor! I just think Microsoft refuses to hire anyone who puts the word “delete” into their source code. So far, I don’t quite have full confidence Via.

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Anonymous Nov 5,5: Just as well, the HD on this is making nasty clicking noises so I’m gonna get em to trade me a new one before I lose all my data.

We need to see more reviews of actual retail nForce boards.

They do kt26a memory management, in fact its part of Computer Science 2, a class I took in high school and am now being forced to take again as a freshman in college.

If I recall the Soyo Dragon I had correctly, there should be a jumper block somewhere in the middle, near the slots, that need to be set to activate the onboard sound. Mar 27, Posts: Mar 29, Posts: IntelConvert Nov 4,7: Mon Sep 08, I just recieved this motherboard today as a hand-me-down.


I guess we all tend to look upon ourselves as “regular users”.

Nforce Vs. KTA review – Motherboards – Tom’s Hardware

You might poke around a bit more. Technically speaking, this name sums up a lot of changes, including:.

Near the start of the review, it says that the dual bank memory of the nforce only works if you use two identical DIMMS, and not a third. SirRiff Nov 4,4: Anonymous Nov 3,3: Any help is much appriciated. However, I do take exception to what’s been about MB memory being soundd than enough.

KT266A or nForce?

Just out of curiosity, kindlr, what version of windows do you run? I feel it brewing about guys.

Want to play a game? Therefore, I would also suggest to huong23 that he wait for the nForce boards to see how they pan out and how costly they are. In the end, I suspect the ‘key’ to the nForce vs.

Improving a Classic – VIA’s KT266A Chipset for AMD-based systems

I see the integrated video issue more as marketing device. I bet those pro apps have it though, atleast they better.


Can’t find your answer? NForce The Southbridge Battle: I might be wrong, but I think there might have a problem k266a the THG review of the nforce and kta chipsets. Even for the good stuff! Oh, and seriously, unless you really are nancy about a pretty case, then get one, otherwise just get one that won’t break the bank, satisfies your needs, but remember the good quality power supplies PS cost more money.

BCMoney Jan 29,3: VIA has made it as easy as possible for motherboard vendors to switch to this new chipset, but it will take a while for everyone to get on board. I’m curious, what Huong23 will actually be doing. Anonymous Nov 4,1: Not having to add video or sound cards nor a NIC means that the case will be less congested and air circulation should be much better. Apr 17, Posts: My computer recognized my kt66a finally.