Ric Schultz Industry Participant Posts: The FC was used as a filter choke in the power supply with a hum bucking coil but always had some hum that would annouce that they were working. She recommend to me using the AC 1. Edgar mentioned earlier in this thread. The Lowther America field coils immediately got my attention in a different way from previous field coil or other drivers.

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One of those field coil drivers said “up to “.

LOWTHER FIELD COIL FC | Full-Range | Audiogon

I don’t know it’s sensitivity rating but it keeps up with the db Betas. It is just numbers. Logged -Richard- Full Member Posts: Those speakers would be: Logged Poultrygeist Full Member Posts: What fits that requirement better than open baffles?

Originally music was shamanic I have heard the voxativ field coil in their own Ampeggio due bacl loaded horn and its absolutely amazing for a single driver, excellent bass too. The suggestion here is that it is all about ‘perception’ Ric Schultz Industry Participant Posts: I have tested compared Alnico FC versions of the same driver.


The question then is what tweeter will work with it from 2kHz upwards? I would love to purchase a pair of Lowthers from the A series. Field coils were utilized in early 20th-century loudspeakers, prior to fieeld replacement by permanent magnets. Logged matevana Full Member Posts: The other example is the Fostex T tweeter which people have been replacing the old Fane tweeter with in my Titan systems.

In my Subwoofer horn, the bass sometimes was lacking any response below 35, depending whether you had a wood or concrete floor or feild the proper boundary setup.

There fied three interesting aspects to this driver: Although, admittedly, that is an area known to be very subjective. Or perhaps add a largish and visually imposing front horn to raise the widebander’s upper bass through lower midrange to compensate for the peaks in the upper midrange and high frequencies. We can now move on and leave you with some eye candy.

I used the Lowtther bins with a lates straight PA horn, crossed at hz. We also know that getting a good Lowther to this point requires due diligence and lots of patience. At this time, due to me building new open back boxes for the woofers I am listening to 30 year old Wharfedale Lazer 60 two way standmounts with a B amp and valve cd player and its not bad, its also not a patch on my horn set up ciil if I had no choice I could be content.



Can fifld sound better? I have heard music played through terrible audio equipment and poor little radios, that lifted me to those transcendent heights.

FC driver Nonlinearities, posted on July 6, at Have built designs with FC transducers. Just to cover the field there is llowther inherited “money” and winning the lottery.

You may like one of these similar items: The lows extend to about 65 hz, and a sub-woofer fills in below that. Fortunately a replacement J2 arrived in time lowfher the Lowther field-coil assessment. John at Classic Audio is now manufacturing these drivers except for the 18″. Also both drivers would be operating well into their comfort zone.