The electronic thermal overload function monitors motor temperature, based on drive output current and time, to protect the motor from overheating. This setting lengthens decel ramp time whenever the drive goes into current limit during a deceleration. Run the motor in the reverse direction. Minimum Frequency E 1 – 1 1: For inverse-acting frequency reference 1.

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NOTES continued on next page 5.

The output is then held at that frequency for the duration of the dwell time at start b 6 – 0 2. Digital “Motor Operated Pot” Factory setting: This feature does not actually eliminate the selected frequency values, but will accelerate and decelerate the motor through the prohibited bandwidth.

This amount is subject to change mzgnetek you make payment.

Parameter Access Level Factory setting: Speed Search Selection Continued Factory setting: In most configurations either the local reference d kagnetek – 0 1 or the remote AUTO reference will be utilized. Wire only to terminals shown. It should be the manual reset type to prevent automatic restart following a motor hpd-515 and subsequent contact reclosure after cool down.

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Yaskawa Magnetek GPD 515 Gpd515c-b003 Spec 40p71f 2 HP Drive 3ph 380-460v

When a momentary power loss is detected, the drive output transistors are disabled for a period of time determined by the setting of L 2 – 0 3. Unless coast to stop operation has been selected by programming of b 1 – 0 3the motor decelerates, at the rate corresponding to the preset decel time C 1 – 0 2to a stop.

Pressing this key will produce a Stop command. Note 3 m Main circuit undervoltage Occurs 2 seconds after detection magnefek low voltage. A lower setting will result in a more stable system. Hunt Prevent Selection Factory setting: PES goes to great lengths to ensure the repaired item is returned to our customer with the parameters just as they were when we received the unit.

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When using relays for input to terminalsuse relays with highly reliable contacts for very small current with a capacity of 30 Vdc or more and rated current of mA or higher. Operation Method Selection Factory setting each: When the output current goes below the value set in L 3 – 0 6acceleration begins, up to the set frequency.

Remote Mount Resistor Units typically mount outside of an electrical enclosure.

C 3 – 0 4 determines whether the slip compensation gain will be enabled or disabled during regeneration. Output Frequency A Mid. Anytime the A 1 – 0 3 parameter is set to ” “, all parameter settings that have been changed return to the default user settings only 50 parameters may be stored as default settings.


Quick-start Basic Advanced See paragraph 4. This selection can be delayed by programming d 5 – 0 6 for a delay time. Remove the Mahnetek Mount Resistor Unit cover to access its magnetekk block.

C C C C C The DC injection voltage is determined by the DC injection braking current and motor impedance. Frequency Reference Upper Limit Factory setting: In spite of that, the simple fact is that you will learn better and faster in a class environment combined with hands-on practice, than by self-teaching when under magnerek stress of a maintenance or operations problem.

Remove power, remove the old control board, and install the new control board.

Torque Detection Selection 1 L 6 – 0 4: Display Scaling Factory setting: Setting increment is 0. Verify that the driven machine is in running condition, and that no dangerous conditions exist around the drive system.