I had to downgrade to 2. Emerald, I just updated from a 2. The chip called is some manuals seems to be a 88SE Use the boot option ‘ahci. Display posts from previous: Question about RAID mode and kernel drivers: Fri Sep 04, 3:

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Fri Jun 12, 6: System Profile Don’t open the Red Door!

The output of lspci will help a even more specific answer alot, dmesg output too. Fri Sep 04, 3: I’ve modified the marvell driver found at the asus page to work with newer kernels and created a kernel patch, which can be found here: Do you have any insight?

And in case your mainboard dies you really have alot of work just to get your data back from those RAID thingies. Each controller supports two to data multiple ports for SSD or HDD connectivity for consumer desktop motherboards and consumer electronic products.

Wed Jul 30, 9: Just wanted to say thanks a bunch for providing those patches and your knowledge as they were of great value over the past year or so. SATA link up 1. Wed Aug 06, 5: This has to be in the activate mode for anything to work with the Marvell.

About your Marvell bios RAID, I don’t know if it can be recognized at all, dmraid should do the job for all supported software fakeraid raid setups. I am running Linux version 2.


Oh no, there’s been an error

About renaming the harddisks it’s possible it changed in some setups, so just rename it and everything should work well again. To just gain access you only need the Marvell driver patch, in this case both, AHCI and Marvell driver compiled statically into the kernel. The chip called is some manuals seems to be a 88SE The ahci driver supports the sata ports for quite a while now, the ‘Marvell PATA support via legacy mode’ driver mv?

If you want to try the Marvell provided driver you can use it with an older kernel and try if it works, I won’t be keeping the thing up and working for newer kernels since I don’t use it at all anymore and in-kernel drivers support the controller as needed.

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I had to downgrade to 2. Don’t panic if the links are not accessible, it’s a pc at home, which might be turned off now and then, just try again later. Actually, more likely by removing the tiny jumper on the drive which is limiting the speed. Careers madvell Marvell Marvell offers a collaborative fast-paced environment where innovative ideas can really make a difference.


PCIe 2.0 SATA Controllers

Wed Jul 30, 5: Unknown device rev b1. Next, apparently there’s a problem with the AHCI implementation — it doesn’t support port multipliers. Quickly and easily view product specs, compare various solutions, and print out select product information. Wed Jul 30, 1: Thu Mar 10, 1: MAP [ P0 — P1 — ] scsi1: System Profile Confroller open the Red Door!

Since you don’t need them to boot it’s no problem to have the driver as module. Since the AHCI driver will without parameter automatically claim control of the marvell chip on load it’s also no use to compile both as module and conrtoller the AHCI driver first, then the other one won’t load and you can’t use the 88se61111 port same as without this mv driver. I for my part loathe all those fakeraid setups, they make you have alot more work and in my experience provide hardly any improvement in data rate or anything.

Device rev b2.

L1 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter rev b0