I’m going to change to Mac. I have the Dimage Scan utility and Vuescan working well with my II, but Silverfast still has the same problems I mentioned in my previous post. Dyxum website Dyxum home. Minolta MS machine repairs. It was instant, it was hassle free and it was seamless. What is the best Microfilm or Microfiche Scanner? I couldn’t see anything that could be usefully included in the modded INF file I used.

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I have windows 7 64 bit. Hi everyone, I havent read all the pages on this topic so if this has been said – sorry. The trademarks, logos, and service marks not owned on behalf of MicrofilmWorld.

Minolta MS machine repairs.

Konica Minolta MS6000 MKII Driver

Sounds like a good window Who manufactures Micro-Image Capture Scanners? When I click the Drivers tab it indicates no drivers are installed although the main tab indicates the device is working normally. If you have a laptop, this winsows be the way to go. Konica Minolta Business Solutions U. The MS could be ordered with just a printer port, or with a printer port and a SCSI PC port which is how most of the units in the field today are equipped. Perhaps there is some slight difference, like a value at the end of the string which is missing.

Brief History of Microfilm Microfilm or Scan? So to sum it up, the MS can be used with an XP PC and will probably provide many years of good service since there are very few parts inside the MS that need replacement.


minoltta Click the Micro-Image Capture icon above for info on these compact and affordable scanners! Unfortunately none of the posts showed any common resolution or resolution at all for that matter!

Welcome to Dyxum Mike, and thanks for your helpful advice. Turn on the scanner – it will now show up in the device manager where you can update it with the windows 7 driver and now it should work no problems.

Minolta MS Obsolete?

Hello Ian Thanks for your answer even it’s not the full hope! Konica Minolta Driver date: A customer recently emailed me a copy of an email she got from KMBS in Rolling Meadows stating that the MS was in fact obsolete and that they could not help her with parts or repairs. I will try installing a desktop program not an App from MS “Store” and assign it as the default program for viewing photos.

Okay, so I tried to get the scanner working by modifying the inf file, provided on page 2 of this thread. Many organizations have regulations against using platforms that are obsolete, even in a standalone system not connected to the rest of the more modern network. The result is that the scanner now shows up under a new node in Device Manager called Imaging devices, and has two driver files linked to it. I took it to the local Apple dealers today, used a Firewire to firewire cable from the scanner – then into the iMac via a Firewire to Thunderbolt connector.


I tried with a USB to Firewire and it didn’t work. I thought it was faulty. To the best of my knowledge twain is a thing of the past and not supported in Windows 7.

This model has been obsolete since September of and there are no parts available. It actually is scanning, but crashes after each scan. What I did to get it working was download the. My Minolta Dimage woundnt even recognise in windows when I tuned it on – not even in Device manager. Unavailable The scanner is definitely on! The card has its own BIOS config screen ninolta system startup; the screen also shows as detecting the Minolta when it is powered on. The projection lamp is still available, as is the plastic scan rail that helps to move the mirrors back and forth with every scan.

Anyone that is using Win 8 will have noticed that there is quite a difference between the the Start screen “apps” and desktop programs.

Does this sound like a case for a custom inf file?