Message 1 of 9. Message 1 of VI is just to setup the default of my pc, so it shows. Flash National Instruments Applications Engineer. I’m going to need to set up a while loop that will change the setpoint once the counter reaches the user input time.

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Sorry this was not the MKS I was thinking about The lwbview flowrate simultaneoulsy recorded in Excel or any other data format which I can analyse later once my experiment is finished.

mks c control – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Message 2 of Then, as already mentioned here, you could connect to the device with a hyperterminal program I used HTerm and see if its responding to commands in general see Page 35 for command syntax and a list of all commands.

Raj National Instruments Applications Engineer.

Message 10 of What about the functions in the VI that actually do a write i. Message 4 of 9.


Message 2 of 9. VI so the baud rate data can be written into instrument.

Message 5 of They are showing flow values, units etc. I also have the mks C mass controller. I have searched a lot of places but it appears that no one has the labview driver for the MKS B. This leads us only to the possibility that the instrument itself is not functional.

I have perused the MKS manual, but I was not able 647 find the full set of port settings, just parity, baudrate, and termination char.

Labview Driver for MKS C – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Most Active Hardware Boards: Message 4 of We have the Labview 7 and we would like to have a Labview program, due to user simplicity. Message 5 of Have you been able to communicate with the device through any means at all from your computer?

Thanks labvieww lot in advance. Unfortunately, NI does not have any instrument drivers developed for labvjew instruments. I have copy pasted drivers? I tried to increase timeout value from 5 sec.


Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

I too am trying to communicate with a C MKS controller. Message 4 of 9.

Message 10 of If it is a commercially available instrument, you can officially request one at: You could pay someone to do it. I can change these settings on the unit, but I do not know witch settings are appropriate.

But I am unable to. To graph the flow rates a simple solution might be this: For example if the time column on the front panel is a vector array from t0 – t10, there will also be a corresponding sepoint column with s0-s Following things I have mmks and trying to obtain data from the display of MGC to computer.